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I love a good nightmare. They're such fun! They're scary, very much so in the moment. But after you wake up... it's a huge rush!!

When you get scared, it's a reminder that life is precious - and something you want. Nightmares are brutal reminders of that: and so they are very precious! I hope you enjoy my little collection of nightmares, I know I did!

The Yokai of Stonehenge - Dreamt on 29/06/2022

I heard some rumor of these two Yokai. They were known as just "The Sisters". They both lived in stonehenge. There weren't many pictures of them, but there was drawings. One was very very sullen...she looked sad to even be there. She was kind of...bad at being a yokai, too. The other one? She was very joyful, and loved watching humans suffer. Despite the difference in personality, they both looked the same aside from dress.

The curse they lay, is that if you walk under one of the rocks with a death wish that you're too scared to see to fruition - it means you'll walk into another world, a world under their control.

In the Yokai-run world, the two work together to create coincidences that ruin and destroy your life.

You can leave their nightmare world if you want, and some do!

The idea is that they make your life worse, which will make it easier for you to kill yourself. It sounds like a really shit deal, right? But, so many people chose to step under the rocks of stonehenge - because "it getting worse" was exactly what they wanted.

Once you're dead. The yokai both feast on your soul, eating a soul gives them energy.

I was deathly curious...I wanted to know what the Yokai looked like...

When I met the Yokai, there was only one. The joyful one.

I told her I was going to stop her, and she laughed straight in my face,

She told me that she was me from the future - and the very fact that she exisits means that anything I do to stop her was destined to fail. So I decided that I had no choice but to join her, and become the 2nd yokai in the duo.

This dream... probably happened because of me reading Higanbana No Saku Yoro Ni, huh. x3