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A page for my precious friends and pals!!

Echo Frost!! My wonderful girlfriend, she's a talented artist and a kind soul (and adorable!) and a great streamer, too!!

It is Rose!! they are doggy. They're a very good friend of mine and their OCs are so cool...!!

Lamb!! a very cool buddy of mine who has the cutest and most coolest art style ever!! his ocs are sooooooo cool and i love hearing them talk about them all!!

Zack is a very cool friend of mine!! they have so many OCs and the world building they have for the town that the OCs lives in is sooooooo good!!

(Go Pico, yeah yeah, go Pico, yeah!!) The friend who introduced me to Umineko :DDDD I love hearing about his OCs!! they're really really interesting. and their art style?? it slaps so hard!!

Roflfox is a friend of mine!! I love his fursona....a mikufox is such a big brained concept...!! He commissions a LOT of cute art of his sona, check him out!!

Lily is a very cute friend of mine!! She is a dragon :O

Metforce is a friend of mine, responsible for getting me into Kamen Rider...!! He's a great streamer, too!!

Arcy is a friend of mine that I've known for a very long time!! Her art is really really cute!!

Rose is another one of my vocaloid pals!! (Yes, I know two Roses!! I'm very lucky!!

ᘛ⁐ᕐᐷ  This is my pet rat, parsnip!! Arcy gave him to me :D