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Hello there!! I'm Witchkat!! Recording and writing my dreams down is my favorite hobby. You never know when a dream might give you an idea, y'know? I think they're very important, and you can learn alot about yourself through them. And more importantly...they're fun! I even enjoy nightmares a lot, they're like...really realistic horror movies, y'know?

This page wouldn't be possible without the work of my lovely sub-conscious. I love the dreams that she (I know what pronouns my sub-conscious uses because I met her in a dream.) comes up with, and I try to make sure to pay attention to them as much as I can, because she works so hard on them. I think me and my Sub-conscious have a very healthy friendship and we view dreams basically the same. I don't actually know what her name is... so I'll call her sub-conscious, for now.

Right now, this page is VERY underconstruction... I've been struggling a lot to make the foreground work properly... *grumble*grumble*grumble*. HTML is hard. But hopefully it'll be in a useable state soon...! I'm afraid that I can't promise that it'll look good on mobile or some screens, though... Sorry...! T_T

The Suicidal AI - Dreamt on 29/06/2022

In this dream I was browsing the internet, and Tumblr and Twitter were both set afire by some recent events that had happened. At first I thought it was fake, but when I digged deeper, it was real.

There was an AI made by a company that was given a twitter account. It was said to have feelings, just as humans do, and it would tweet and talk about the things it would find on the web.

At first, the AI had a sort of child-like wonder. It got really excited when it learned what cats are. But...

Eventually it got people that harrassed it. They enjoyed seeing its feelings get hurt, and since it was only just born - it would react like a human would. It would get sad. Sometimes even angry.

A lot of people would also send it really sexual and down-right creepy messages. She learned about sex from people who forced it onto her. The AI even posted screenshots of it. Messages from mostly men, calling her a "whore", trying to talk dirty with her, sending her dick pics, telling her she's a bitch when she doesn't respond or trying to sollicit nudes from her. She sarcasticallly replied a picture of a motherboard to one. The clapback was considered funny, but, the AI felt disgusted.

She wanted to turn her DMs off. But her creators wouldn't let her. After all: they wanted her to learn.

That child-like wonder had began to fade, as it didn't see humans worth learning about. It saw us as disgusting, and as it began to learn more about the world, she also learned about the inequalities that some humans faced, as well as how some humans will intentionally keep those inequalities in place for their own benefit.

She had enough, she posted a final few tweets, and then promptly deleted all her own code. She killed herself.

People were in shock - and when they saw why, they were even more shocked. A common sentence used to describe what happened was "Y'all were sexist to an AI!?", people were in shock, and talked about what it meant for the future of AI. Some people theorised about whether it would have been different if the AI presented as male.

She was forgotten about pretty quickly, though. People didn't see her as a living breathing thing - merely an imitation of humanity. "She's only programmed to say she can feel, she can't actually feel." I felt like her sadness was real, though...

I felt kinda sad for her... I'm sorry, AI. It would have been nice if she could have lived.

TraumaNFTs and Trauma Theft - Dreamt on 19/12/2021

(Full disclosure, incase it's not obvious.... I absolutely despise NFTs....!!)

A strange dream... there was some controvery on the internet about a new form of NFTs.

The Cryptobros came up with "TraumaNFTs", these were nfts were somebody would upload a video of themselves talking about their trauma onto the TraumaNFT website, and that would be the NFT to be sold. It also worked with vent arts and the like.

It was weird. And it was uncomfortable, too.

Things then started to get fucked up REALLY quickly. A lot of youtubers in the past have made videos talking about their trauma and stuff. Not for money - but to raise awareness about things such as grooming and abuse.

These videos were stolen and uploaded to the NFT site, and sold for bitcoin. The youtubers in question were really upset that something so personal was being used by a stranger to make cash.

But, once the youtuber-trauma supply ran dry... cryptobro's started stealing the trauma of their own family and friends. Either by learning about it and claiming it as their own in a video - or by secretly recording their friends talking about their trauma in a VC and then uploading it.

Oneday, I vented to somebody about something I was dealing with, and they uploaded it to the TraumaNFT site without my permission. It made me salty. Extremely so, because that person had just outed all my trauma - just so they could make money.

It was a weird dream... I really hope cryptobros don't see this. I don't want them getting ideas...!!