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By Witchkat00

This is the page for blogging related stuff...! Have fun!!

HRT Injections are scary.... - 16th September 2022

when i started transitioning, i initially wanted to try getting the HRT for it from a doctors...but the waiting lists for HRT are so unbearably long... a trans gal i knew told me it took her 2 years - and that that was considered quick.

So after a while, i eventually decided that i should DIY the hrt instead

When I first started DIYing my HRT, i got it from some estrofem pills and some spironolactone. spironolactone tastes very yucky, but other than that it worked pretty well!! but...

Pills are kind of an exxpensive form of HRT. i wanted to be mroe careful with my money, so i switched to getting injectoins...

I do my HRT by injecting it into my thigh... and it sucks!! T_T I'm not good with needles at all...!

despite how scary it is. its been very worth it. i prefer it a lot more than the pills ^^